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Staff Welfare

Rightmann Services fully understands its duties and responsibilities for the welfare of its employees and carries out a comprehensive range of procedures that ensure staff are fully catered for in both terms of health, safety and wellbeing. Our comprehensive welfare approach forms a key part of the company’s partnership agenda in that we aim to achieve a seamless integration of our staff with the client’s employees, literally sharing the same physical and work practice environment.  

Mirroring Client Conditions 
Consequently,  the company endeavours to mirror client welfare conditions.  For example, whenever Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required, we ensure that the kit issued to our staff not only complies with BSEN quality standards but  is at least to the same standard as that provided by the client to its own employees.    

All training requirements are carried out to meet the standards set by our clients.  In fact, whenever feasible, under our partnership agenda, we ensure that our staff are given the same training package as that received by client employees, often participating in the same course, which ensures consistency, shared awareness and professionalism. Rightmann also invests heavily in personalised training for the advancement of individuals to further their own personal goals and to accommodate the needs of the client.

“The company ethos is to value our employees as an integral part of our team and to respect the skills they bring to the company.”