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Building Partnerships


We have found that developing trusting relationships is key to providing first class results for our clients, who regard us as a partner organisation. This approach jointly benefits the reputation of the company and the client, and provides the most effective method of ensuring that those on the receiving end – the customers themselves – regard us as part of the service rather than as just an add-on. To further this end, our business systems, procedures and management framework are designed to mirror client requirements in terms of performance, standards and ethos.  These systems and procedures are constantly developed and reviewed so that they reflect current best practice, and indeed we look forward to exploring ways to continuously improve our services with our partners in-line with best value principles. Consequently, we welcome opportunities to share in joint training initiatives, to attend seminars and to join professional working parties and consultative groups, enabling the company to benefit by developing enhanced skills and professional knowledge, and the client gleans the improved service resulting from it. 

"We see every new client relationship as a potential start-point for the development of a strong, long-term and trusting partnership."

Alan Mann
Managing Director Rightmann Services