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It is company policy to use our clients’ own Person Specifications as the template for selection criteria.  Where there are no pre-existing formulae, we are happy to jointly develop a package that will fulfil customer demands. 

Performance Capability Methodology
Prior to the selection of candidates, the company produces a framework assessment document or matrix tailored to meet the requirements of the job. In this way, the company ensures that only capable applicants progress to employment.

Fair and Equal Recruitment

Rightmann Services is a responsible employer and ensures that any employee or person seeking employment will not be discriminated against either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, marital status, colour or race. 

Equal Pay and Conditions

(i) The Equal Pay Act (1970 & 1983)

We understand that a right to equal pay between men and women is a fundamental principle of European Community Law and as part of our commitment towards this, we regularly examine our existing and future pay practices for all of our employees. All of our staff pay rates are at least fully compliant with the legislation and the minimum wage. All Rightmann workers are on pay rates above this minimum.